We are a collective of students that create campaigns regarding issues that inspire the next generation to have a positive impact on society.

Dream. create. conquer.


Identify and explain the inspiration that Kanye West has throughout the innovative world. Focusing on his artistic abilities, confidence conferences, and unique personality that inspires people to channel their inner creativity. 


We are targeting the millennials of this generation. We want to inspire them to believe in their creative abilities and to understand that they are the future of the creative world.


Kanye recently teaming up with Adidas creates one of the largest platforms for creative freedom.


Dream.Create.Conquer. Dream without the fear of failure, create without limits and advance through obstacles. Kanye is the epitome of creativity and our campaign demonstrates this. 

Celebrate the common values between Kanye, adidas, and all creatives:

Innovation, Culture, Originality, Purpose, Limitless, Creativity, Passion, Risk.



REWRITTEN (Content warning) : 


Offering a new attitude towards the issue of sexual assault and spark a conversation around non-consenual sexual activities. 


Men involved in cultures that may foster ideals such as: invincibility, superiority, and possibly an uppity sense of self. Also men who align with such moral either consciously or subconsciously. 


Communication, is not a buzz kill. 


Inspire people of all ages to feel a sense of pride when being a good communicator. Increasing the feeling of self-confidence by knowing you can stand up for something that is wrong without being ridiculed.